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The speciality division of lab services of Gayatri CRL is one of the most sophisticated CRL centres throughout INDIA. The facilities available would support all tertiary care services of any hospital with needs ranging from routine to that of specialized parameters. The divisions of lab services include departments- Biochemistry, Immunology, and Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Cytology, Microbiology, Molecular biology serology, HLA & esoteric tests. We are specialized in Immuno Phenotyping, IHC and Cytogenetic investigations.

We are equipped with state of the art equipment and above all most experienced consultants. The services of Gayatri CRL will be associated with by several governmental and non-governmental organizations. All the specialties carry out the most modern advanced technology based investigations and render strict quality control universally acceptable protocols. The efficiency of laboratory includes both quantitative and qualitative minimal turnaround time. The services provided would enable the organization to give best patient care and at the same time Gayatri CRL academic standards


our main Moto is that to give Quality Service to our esteemed clients in all the sectors with mean TAT with 24*7 service throughout India .supported by scientific team in all the aspects which included as per technical norms and certification with qualified quality assurance team, we care and support and support our business partners


Gayatri CRL is dedicated to“create a centre of excellence for providing High end investigations using state of the art technology, educational and research facilities of the Gayatri CRL Sets order in fields of Medical Laboratory sciences”.


  • As a Clinical Reference laboratory the Institute aims to integrate the Gayatri CRL Sets standards of service with education and research.
  • To our service providers, we aim to provide cost effective services with best quality standards.
  • To our Consultants, we aim to provide state –of-the-art technology and a conducive environment for providing exemplary support in patient and develop collaborative studies with other national and international centres.
  • To our paramedical staff we aim to provide a scientific and academic environment where learning and service go hand in hand and provide opportunities so that they may excel according to their abilities and initiatives.


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